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Bill Brown, a graduate of Findlay University, is our head trainer and facilitator.  He has spent more then 30 years fixing challenging horses, developing reining champions and creating a program that addresses basic communication challenges.  It is often this lack of awareness to these silent signals our bodies convey, that keep people from succeeding.



Horses are honest, they see and hear these silent signs, even when we don't.  Horses truly reflect the riders or handlers emotions by interpreting both non-verbal and verbal queues.  This is why horses make great teachers.

Bill has extended his knowledge and experience to helping corporate teams become more productive, build better relationships and learn how to effectively solve problems.    Whether it is help in the saddle or in the everyday interactions of your team, he can share insights and techniques that will be a game changer.




"Highly recommend! I did this program for sales training with the company I work for and and it really helped me be more mindful of body language and different approaches to communication."  ~ T. Cappeart




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Leadership Development

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"Bill did a fantastic job breaking out my gelding. He had some confidence issues and Bill got him through it all and returned to me a great young horse" ~ M. Boonstra





Young Horse Development

Problem Horses and Stallions 


Breeding (AI & Embryo)


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"I instantly felt very welcomed and their facility had a such a positive vibe. Bill was able to identify issues that I had been struggling with for years and he explained them to me in a way that was easy to understand and relatable." ~ A. Priest

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we use experiential learning to build confident teams, riders and horses


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