Why we are Different 

Our program evolved over 30 years of training, watching and studying horses.  Bill developed a knack for taking “difficult horses” and transforming them into good equine citizens and some into great athletes. Bill began to notice that when he would show people what their horse was actually thinking and communicating to them, they began to understand on a completely different level. They quit repeating the same action over and over, expecting a different outcome.  

We use experiential learning to quickly engage your team, with a horse as their guide, no riding takes place or experience with horses is necessary.  We facilitate an engaging and memorable experience that will help your team identify communication gaps holding them back from success.  Our experienced facilitator will then give them the guidance and tools to overcome those challenges.  

Communication is Key 

The workplace is technologically driven and the growth in electronic communication has hindered teams from being able to effectively collaborate. The horses will help you discover and improve your non-verbal and verbal communication skills.

Does your customer or team member feel you are interested in what they are saying? Are you picking up their cues?

Are you perceived as a confident and caring teammate or leader?

Working with horses will help you fill in the gaps and become the best version of yourself.

What they will Learn


Horses are non-biased creatures, that participate "at liberty" and engaging with them is authentic. Every time.  The horse will make its own decisions on how it wishes to respond to the dynamics of the team and individual human interaction. This provides the opportunity for your team to examine how well they communicate, strengths, weaknesses and a focus on the importance of being self-aware in every situation. The value you get for your team is:


  • Identifying and developing leadership 
  • Improving team members interpersonal skills 
  • Building effective teams by understanding how they can best contribute and communicate with each other


Spend an afternoon with the horses, on your site, at a resort or at our facility.  Let us help you build a team that will thrive with measurable success.